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Sometimes, necessity opens doors to wonderful things! For me, the decision to quit working as a nurse to be home with my premature son, brought with it the desire to start a work-at- home business. While I knew I wanted to do something from home to bring in extra income, I wasnít exactly sure what that Ďsomethingí was. Then one day a friend showed me her amazing Mommy Bracelet and I fell in love with it! I wanted one too, but couldnít justify the cost.

After thinking about it, I went online and researched how to make a similar bracelet for myself. Iíve always been crafty by nature, and learning how to create such a beautiful, symbolic bracelet was the inspiration I needed to perfect making them.

I was amazed at the compliments I received from family and friends when I showed them how beautifully my Mommy Bracelet design had turned out! Suddenly, I was getting requests for bracelets and I decided to follow this new passion for jewelry design by making custom Mommy Bracelets.

It was 6 years ago that I designed and launched my first online boutique Website. I never imagined that first bracelet would turn into a successful business, but here I am, with a new Bigger & Better website and extended product line! My jewelry designs are currently carried in both retail and online stores and Iíve recently opened two more online stores:, a boutique specializing in beautifully engraved high quality jewelry, and a boutique specializing in baby and little girl jewelry.

Iím so excited that I have the opportunity to work closely with each and every customer to design keepsake jewelry that they will treasure for years to come. As a work-at-home mom of two incredible boys, and wife to an extremely supportive husband, I can tell you Iím the Queen of my Castle, and enjoy the best of motherhood and business ownership! So, let me make something perfect for you, or someone special! Itís that little Ďsomethingí to make you feel like a Queen, too!


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